SatoExchange Review - Platform For The Dedicated Traders

SatoExchange Review - Platform For The Dedicated Traders

Selecting a cryptocurrency exchange for trading can be a daunting and overwhelming process. There are many great exchanges out there, and for each decent one you come over, there is also a horrible one lurking on the web. The cryptoshere is evolving at impressive rates and keeping up with the dynamics can be hard at times. We tend to pick the biggest and most established exchanges but often, the most sought-after exchanges are not necessarily the best ones. There are smaller ones with all the ingredients to be a game changer that are worth trying.

Meet SatoExchange

Founded in 2018, SatoExchange development begun when skilled and experienced cryptocurrency people from various backgrounds realized the need to have a dedicated exchange for the committed crypto traders. The platform has been developed by looking at the existing exchanges and improving on their technologies, to ensure you're getting the best trading experience.

SatoExchange Strong Points

  • High performance: SatoExchange platform has integrated the latest blockchain technology to provide you with the best crypto trading experience. All trades are all off-chain, decentralized and peer-to-peer which means that you do not trade directly with SatoExchange but with other traders. Their order processing engine is swift in processing the trades and can process up to 1.2 Millions per second. You can be certain that your orders will never be stuck due to the order processing engine being congested. Currently they have 48 supported cryptocurrencies, and continuously expanding, with 181 trading pairs. All the listed coins are traded in BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, DOGE and SATX pairs.
  • Low fees: SatoExchange has an initial fixed fee of 0.2% per trade. Other changes will be introduced, including 0 fee promotions but there is no plan to charge above 0.2%
  • Graphical user interface: They probably have the most user friendly and mobile friendly design for cryptocurrency trading; their exchange interface suites all devices. This means traders can trade on any device, any platform, any OS, anytime, anywhere. Stop Loss, Stop loss feature which enables the traders to set or automate a sell in a market if the price goes below a certain amount. This puts you in-charge even when you are not online.
  • Balance Transfers: Members can transfer balances to one another without withdrawing or depositing saving them the withdrawal fees. Transfers are processed and confirmed immediately.
  • Free Coin/Token Listing: They have one of best and transparent coin listing built-in voting system. The system provides registered SatoExchange members with ability to list as many as possible of their favorite tokens/coins and the first 5 most voted coins are added to the exchange every month. A member can vote up to 5 times monthly.
  • Superb security: Topnotch security and encryption, secured with 2fa, OTP, personal pin code and email verification, which ensures that only you have access to your account.
  • Customer support: SatoExchange has an excellent support team, immediate response to all tickets and mails as well as addressing all concerns you might have.
  • Best promotions and airdrops: SatoExchange is hosting promotions and airdrops on a regular basis to provide its members incentives for their loyalty.
  • Affiliate Program: SatoExchange affiliate program is intended to get you more income by bringing in your friends! You could get up to 25% of fees paid by each of your referrals on all trades forever. Read more here.
  • ICO Hosting Platform: Blockchain Projects and you no longer need to worry about the ICO support and sales infrastructure, as SatoExchange provides them with the necessary tools through their exchange. More info here.
  • Community support: SatoExchange has one of the largest community and the team is actively engaged with the community.

SATX Token

SatoExchange has its own ERC20 Ethererum based token called SATX, with a capped supply of 300M. The total supply is 238,030,642 SATX as they burned around 60M unsold tokens from their ICO. The available supply is currently 138,030,642 SATX, 100M being locked until 2021. SATX is also a base trading pair and was designed to provide maximum profit for its ICO investors and holders. Check out this great video from SatoExchange team:

Closing Thoughts

SatoExchange might be small, but looking at what it can do  it is clear that the team's hard work and dedication is driven by their ambition to bring the future of crypto currency trading into today's world. What do you think? Why not give it a try? Keep up the good work guys!

Useful Links

  • Registration link here
  • Read SatoExchange whitepaper here.
  • Useful information regarding their ICO here.
  • Join SatoExchange ever-growing community via TwitterTelegramFacebook and GitHub.
  • If you have any question or concerns, you can address them here. The team will be glad to help you out!

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